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About Us

It is impossible to separate the students and their stories from Berea College Crafts. Talented young people, devoted to learning and he traditions of the studio, students continue to display a unique sense of respect for the works produced by their hands. These are the traditions that have shaped the Berea College Crafts program.

For more than 120 years, a dedication to craftsmanship, design, and tradition has guided the work of our students. More than 100 students work ten to fifteen hours per week in the various departments of Student Crafts. From the sales and distribution areas to the studio areas, students produce and market works that maintain strong ties to the elemental nature of the Appalachian region – design excellence, a respect for materials and the honor that comes from the create work of the hand. This provides a rich opportunity to learn and work in a hands-on environment. Additionally, this work promotes an experiential education through active learning in design principles, studio techniques, and business application. The Berea College Crafts program draws attention to the unique history and identity of the college even as it makes important contributions to our educational program, and it continues to serve as a national model for integrating the arts into an active campus community. Educating the head, the heart and the hands is a Berea tradition.